We are thrilled to share the many artistic talents of Liz Dixon with you!  We intend this blog to be more of a featurette of all the projects that we have been working on & to get you a glimpse of all the gorgeous designs we create.  Funny, when I say 'we' it really means my 4-yr-old Scottish Terrier, Cal, and myself.  My studio is tucked away in the corner of my apartment in Chicago & stuffed to the brim with art supplies, papers, notes & of course a giant dog bed for when Cal gets bored with nudging me to get me to stop working.  

Besides (wo)man's best friend, my family & other BFFs in my life (you know who you are!) have been the subject of my many talents, venting sessions, & crazy hours.  They have been the best support system a girl could ask for & keep pushing me further into this crazy life of papered goods & invitations.  So you all really owe them into convincing me this is good idea! HA!  With all kidding aside, I am LOVING the direction that my life is going & changes that have lead me into the stationery biz. 

While I'm a one woman show & girl boss, I hope that I can update this often enough with current & past projects.  Hope these inspire you & get you excited to work with me!

Cheers!  Liz & the Calboy